Results, standings and start list going into day three of AFC 2018

Day two of  Asian Freediving cup is now over, and the weather in Panglao had changed to the better. We kept the great under water conditions from day one and surface calmed down a bit.

Day two had less red cards than day one; it might have been the better conditions, the athletes where used to the setup, athletes preferring FIM or a mix of all.

We ended the day with not less than 10 new national records: Komtanoo Pinpimai  for Thailand, Stanley Sradaputta for Indonesia, Paul Sack for Malaysia, Maria Noella Zosa and Lady Lisondra for the Philippines, Jang Ji Hoon and Jung A Kim for South Korea, Chris Cheung and Leung Tsz Wai Hong Kong, and Anqi Lim from Singapore.

AFC Day 2 Official results

Announcement and start list for day two is out, and it looks like we’re up for an interesting last day: The concluding CNF dives of Asian Freediving Cup, sixteen(!) national record attempts, and an Asian Continental attempt by Zhu Lin to top it all off.

AFC Start list day 3

Overall rankings

For the women, Anqi Lim, is in the lead, with Mao Xia from China and Suzanne Lim from France close behind.

On the men side, Wang Jin (Sendoh) of China seems like a favourite before the last day, (as usual) with Jang Ji Hoon of South Korea close behind. Zhu Jun Yi is on third place, but Ken Kiriyama from Denmark and Chen Chao might get ahead with successful CNF dives.

Standings after day 2


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