Final results Asian Freediving Cup 2019

Sendoh Wang wins Asian Freediving Cup again! This year together with Jessea Lu that won the for the women. Kurt Chambers and JY runners up for Men, and Xu Tong Tong and Anna-Marie Richardson joins Jessea on the podium for the women.

Official Results day 1 / Start list day 2

The first day of Asian Freediving Cup 2018 is now over. We where happy to see nine national records, but unfortunately also as many red cards. Official results: Start list for tomorrow, some divers are taking a break, so we have less divers: We hope for more white cards, flat water, and happy divers!

Depth Challenge 2016

With 37 registered athletes the Depth Challenge 2016 became the biggest Depth Competition ever held in the Philippines. Valuable additions to our Set Up like Deep Safety on DPV (Scooter) and an improved Counterweight System made the event even safer. Agata Bogusz from Poland took home gold for the women and would later become a…

Depth Challenge 2015

The 2015 edition of the Depth Challenge came with a brand new set up and a lot more divers. Over 30 participants took the plunge to win one of the top Prizes. Suunto Diving Computers, Elios Wetsuits and Alchemy Carbon fins were up for grabs for the top 3 divers in male and female categories….

Depth Challenge 2014

The first edition of the annual event in 2014 was a full success. With over 20 athletes from around the world the first AIDA Freediving Competition in Bohol put Panglao on the map as a prime location for Freediving. With Austrian Top Freediver Markus Helm taking first place the first Depth Challenge set the bar…