Bottom camera videos

Bottom camera videos from Asian Freediving Cup are available. Send an email to to get yours!

Summary of day three

Summary of day three of Asian Freediving Cup 2018. Winners, overall results, and national records.

Official Results day 1 / Start list day 2

The first day of Asian Freediving Cup 2018 is now over. We where happy to see nine national records, but unfortunately also as many red cards. Official results: Start list for tomorrow, some divers are taking a break, so we have less divers: We hope for more white cards, flat water, and happy divers!

Freedive Panglao athletes

We have three athletes currently teaching at Freedive Panglao signed up for Asian Freediving Cup: Tom, Jurgen, and Martin. We’re quite sure the home sea advantage can play a big role in freediving. They have also have had access to excellent training conditions for many months leading up to the competition, so we’re hoping for some…

Where to stay during Asian Freediving Cup

Here are some advice for freedivers that need help in deciding where to stay in Panglao during Asian Freediving Cup. There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Panglao, but we advice our athletes to stay within one of three specific areas: Danao, Doljo, or Alona. The Asian Freediving Cup will be hosted on Doljo beach. This…

Closer look at Team Philippines 2018

In the months leading up to Asian Freediving Cup 2018, we will present some of the athletes participating. A natural place to start is the host country: Philippines. After having no locals for two years running in our main competition, we’re happy to welcome six local athletes this year. The Filipino delegation is lead by…

Asian Freediving Cup 2018: Fully booked

We had an overwhelming response, and all 60 spots was taken within 8 minutes, and after 18 hours we had enough people on the waiting list to fill another competition. Thank you to everyone that showed interest, and we’re sorry we’re not able to accommodate more divers. Update 2018-28-02: This list is not currently up…