AIDA Asian Freediving Cup 2023: Women

We have a mix of old and new faces for the women as well. We’re especially excited to welcome 2017 winner and World Record holder Alenka Artnik to the competition. here is the in-list for women!

AIDA Asian Freediving Cup 2023: Men

After a long break we’re happy to see a mix of returning faces and old friends joining the 2023 version of AIDA Asian Freediving Cup. Here is the list of the men joining.

Waiting list update

The payment deadline for Asian Freediving Cup 2023 was almost two weeks ago. The record quick sign-up time was followed by a record high confirmation of signed-up athletes as well.

All slots for Asian Freediving Cup 2023 taken

The slots for Asian Freediving Cup 2023 filled up within a record 2-5 seconds. We have sent emails to everyone that registered up and until the 21st of December. If you didn’t receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you haven’t received an email please get in touch with Freedive SuperHOME, John Folkvord,…

Registration is open!

The slots filled up within the first 2-5 seconds. We have sent email to everyone that registered before 8:38pm PH time – either a confirmation that they are in, or where they are in the waiting list. We will send more emails tomorrow 9th to the divers that registered later. Registration form here

Asian Freediving Cup 2023!

Asian Freediving Cup 2023 will be held 10th to 18th of June. Registration opens 8th of December 2022.

Final results Asian Freediving Cup 2019

Sendoh Wang wins Asian Freediving Cup again! This year together with Jessea Lu that won the for the women. Kurt Chambers and JY runners up for Men, and Xu Tong Tong and Anna-Marie Richardson joins Jessea on the podium for the women.