Final results Asian Freediving Cup 2019

Sendoh Wang wins Asian Freediving Cup again! This year together with Jessea Lu that won the for the women. Kurt Chambers and JY runners up for Men, and Xu Tong Tong and Anna-Marie Richardson joins Jessea on the podium for the women.

Staff during Asian Freediving Cup

We would like to introduce some of the staff behind Asian Freediving Cup 2019. Here we have a look at judges, safety divers, and the medical team.

Introduction of the AFC 2019 Set Up

For those who will join us for the first time, we would like share this small article to provide an overview of our competition set up. We will explain how it works and why it is a bit out of the ordinary. We are happy to say that out of the currently 80 registered athletes,…

Dates for Asian Freediving Cup 2019: 9th to 11th of June

We are happy to announce that the 2019 edition of the Asian Freediving Cup will be held from 9th to 11th of June 2019. For the sixth year in a row we at Freedive Panglao will welcome some of the best freedivers from Asia and around the world. After many requests, we have decided to…

Asian Freediving Cup 2019

We’re already getting inquiries regarding Asian Freediving Cup 2019. So far we can’t say much, except that there will be Asian Freediving Cup also next year. Our competitive season for 2018 ends with Japan Freediving Cup the 15th and 16th of September, and that’s when we will start planning for next year. This means we will probably…

Summary of day three

Summary of day three of Asian Freediving Cup 2018. Winners, overall results, and national records.