Where to stay during Asian Freediving Cup

Here are some advice for freedivers that need help in deciding where to stay in Panglao during Asian Freediving Cup. There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Panglao, but we advice our athletes to stay within one of three specific areas: DanaoDoljo, or Alona.

The Asian Freediving Cup will be hosted on Doljo beach. This is the same location as when we had the first competition back in 2014 and also in 2018.  The competition site will be in front Freedive SuperHOME, where also the boats will pick up and drop off divers.

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Freedive Panglao Resort

The easiest place to stay will of course be at Freedive Panglao. Guests at our resort have free access to the pool for training if you want to mix your depth training with some pool work.

During the training week before the competition we will dive from Doljo, but prior to that we will probably dive from the dive center in Danao (this might change depending on conditions). In any case, during the training week, and also during the competition, we will have shuttle car between the dive center and the dive site of choice.

Contact us for availability and prices.

Danao area:

This is the district where Freedive Panglao is located. It is a reasonably quiet area. From Freedive Panglao it is about six kilometers to the competition site, and two kilometers from Alona. There are many resorts and some restaurants in Danao area, and it’s easy to get back and forth to Alona.

Some places to stay, there are many more:

  • Linaw – nice sunset and good restaurant.
  • Malinawon – half residential resort with short and long term apartments.
  • Isla Divina – less expensive, includes motorbike.
  • Hope Homes – budget place, includes motorbike.
  • Calypso Resort – budget place near beach.

Doljo area:

This is where the competition will be held. Doljo beach in itself is beautiful, and the water should be calm and clear during the competition. The drop off is within swimmable distance, but there can be some surface traffic so bring a surface marker or buoy if you plan to do snorkeling. It is about six kilometers to Freedive Panglao, and seven kilometers to Alona Beach.

There are less restaurants in Doljo than what you will find in and around Alona, but there are still places to be found. Also, it’s close to Poblacion, the main town in Panglao where you have market and local food places.

Some places to stay, there are many more:

  • Freedive SumerHOME – competition location, they also have rooms.
  • Heaven Dive Resort – close to the action
  • Muro-Ami Resort – also close.
  • Bellevue – large, high end resort.
  • Stanley house

Alona area:

The most touristy district in Panglao. This is where you will find most of the bars and restaurants. If you book a place to stay near the beach you might have to expect some noise during night time. It is about two kilometers from Freedive Panglao, and seven kilometers to Doljo, the competition site.

Some places to stay, there are many, many more:

  • Alona Pawikan – best place for beers on the island.
  • Oasis Resort –  on the beach.
  • Alona Tropical Resort – on the beach.
  • Scent of Green Papaya – a bit further away from the beach, but nice and quiet

Other hotels in Panglao

Panglao is not too big, so any accommodation on the island should be viable. Conditions for swimming and snorkeling should be good on all sides of the island.

Places of interest can be along the north-west coast, from Momo beach to Kalikasan resort. If you’re OK to travel a bit further, the there’s some nice places to stay along  the South-East coast as well (Dumaluan to Bee farm area).



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