Asian Freediving Cup 2018: Fully booked

We had an overwhelming response, and all 60 spots was taken within 8 minutes, and after 18 hours we had enough people on the waiting list to fill another competition. Thank you to everyone that showed interest, and we’re sorry we’re not able to accommodate more divers.

Update 2018-28-02:
This list is not currently up to date. For updated data, please see the inlist.

As of today, the in-list consists of athletes from the following nationalities:

Country Participants
China 19
Philippines 6
Korea 5
Belgium 4
Japan 4
Hong Kong 3
Indonesia 3
France 2
Netherlands 2
Thailand 2
Colombia 1
Denmark 1
Germany 1
Italy 1
Malaysia 1
New Zealand 1
South Africa 1
Sweden 1
Taiwan 1
Ukraine 1

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