List of athletes for Asian Freediving Cup 2019

Everyone who has ever joined a Freediving Competition has probably noticed that it’s not very competitive at all but really just a big “get-together” of divers from around the world.

Because everyone is excited to know who will be up and down the ropes in June, today we are happy to share the list of athletes signed up for the Asian Freediving Cup 2019.

Before looking at the list, let us give you some of the amazing statistics for this years event:

  • The competition filled up through online registration in less than 2 minutes. We closed the online registration portal after accepting 80 registrations and 40 divers on the waiting list.
  • Represented are 21 Nationalities!
  • Currently there are 49 Men and 24 Women
  • At least 22 current National Record Holders are signed up
  • Expected are 9 athletes below the 100m mark!
  • We are going to see a total of over 200 dives done over the three days of the event

So without further ado, here is the inlist for the AFC 2019 as of March 8th (there will very likely be changes in the coming weeks):

In-list for Asian Freediving Cup 2019
List of athletes for Asian Freediving Cup 2019

[table id=6 /]

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