Sponsors, awards and giveaways 2019

Most Freedivers sign up for a competition just for the fun and experience of it. What makes an event of course more attractive is when there are prizes up for grabs! Every year we are excited about the amount of support we are receiving from equipment brands, local businesses, various media outlets and of course from our fellow Freediving friends.

With every edition, the support for the Asian Freediving Cup is steadily growing and this year we can once again offer some high quality prizes for the best performances of the event.

Today we would like to give a brief introduction of our Sponsors and their contribution to the competition:

• SUUNTO Korea

Suunto doesn’t need much of an introduction… Probably the most trusted brand when it comes to measuring time and depth in Freediving! We are proud to have had the Regional Office of Suunto in Korea support our events for the past 6 years! This year is special as Suunto is providing us with two of their brand new Suunto D5 Depth Gauges as prizes!


• Double K

Double K stands for high quality & premium freediving gear and freediving education, founded and developed in Korea the brand is rapidly expanding across the international Freediving community. This year we are once again glad to receive Double K’s generous support with one tailor made wetsuit of choice, one pair of Carbon bifins, six weight belts, four lanyards, one bifin backpack, ten of their brand new noseclips and one of the very popular Double K Freediving buoys which we also use here at Freedive Panglao. There will also be a small “Double K surprise” waiting for each athlete during registration.


Freediving Store

The “Freediving Store” is Korea’s biggest online shopping platform offering everything a Freediver could dream of. From premium diving gear to SSI Courses from Beginner up to Instructor Level, everything can be found on their website! The Freediving Store is supporting the AFC 2019 with two shiny pairs of Alchemy V3 Carbon Fins and eight bifin bags!



CETMA Composites Asia and Aquaticity have been supporting Freedive Panglao over past years. Not only are their Carbon fins known for their beautiful and elegant design, the development of CETMA products is also backed by scientific research. This combination makes for the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance, proven by many top level athletes who use the CETMA fins. We are proud to be able to offer one pair of CETMA Carbon Fins as prize this year!


• Phooo Freediving Apparel

Phooo is a proud filipino Freediving Shop that is providing its own Freediving brands of affordable yet high quality gear and apparel. Since 2018 Phooo delivers not only for local divers but also internationally. Phooo is contributing with one pair of premium Phooo Douse 100% Carbon 30 fin blades!


• Freediving Planet

Founded in 2012 by Jean-Pol Francois and Suzanne Lim, Freediving Planet is the address in HongKong and Moalboal, Cebu for professional AIDA Courses and Training. Not only are we receiving support by Jean-Pol to make the AFC 2019 a World-Record Status event, but Freediving Planet will have a little surprise ready for every competing athlete during the Registration on June 8th!


• BestDive

BestDive is China’s leading wetsuit manufacturer. With a huge amount of materials, colors and custom options to choose from, we thank BestDive for making us look good! BestDive is offering two tailor made suits of choice as contribution to the AFC 2019! In addition to that, the brand makes sure that our Safety Divers, Judges and Media Team clearly stand out by providing custom made rashguards to our Event Staff!

Contact us at Freedive Panglao if you’re interested in wetstuits from BestDive!

One Breath

“One Breath” is one of Korea’s biggest and most active Freediving Clubs. Organizing training, courses and competitions in the country’s capital city Seoul. Since 2013 OneBreath has grown to an impressive number of almost 10.000 Freediving members. OneBreath offers also premium diving gear and adds to our pool of prizes: two freediving buoys, four weight belts and two Lanyards!


• Elios

The Italian Company of Elios has been a household name when it comes to wetsuits for a long time. Their experience, expertise and high quality materials make their suits some of the most sought after on the market. Elios has been supporting our Events since 2014 and this year we are proud to be able to offer once again two tailor made wetsuits of choice!


• Surf Yogis

Surf Yogi was founded in Bali in 2007 and has since then been saving Freedivers from the dreaded “mask tan” with their amazing sunscreen! Being zinc-based with only natural ingredients, it doesn’t only save your skin but also helps keeping our oceans free from chemicals! Surf Yogi is providing sunscreen for every competing athlete this year, so we can already guarantee a mask-tan free Closing Party!!


• Uba Project

“Ideas, Research and Development” is their motto! The Italian based brand is dedicated to create systems which help people and athletes achieve their purpose. One of their revolutionary products is the “EQ-tool”, the first digital device to help divers learn and improve equalization. 3 EQ tools are up for grabs during this year’s AFC!


• Urban Divers

Urban Divers is another one of Korea’s very popular online stores that is well known for it’s fashionable accessories like bags and key chains. Urban Divers is contributing with two monofin bags, two mesh bifin bags and two mesh pouches!  


• SSI / Mares

As the regional office of SSI / Mares in Cebu City has been working closely with Freedive Panglao for many years, we are happy that this year the Cebu headquarter is contributing with Tshirts for every athlete! 

Special Mention

Finally we would like to extend very special thanks to: 

• Freedive SuperHome

Located in Doljo Beach, Panglao. Their amazing Freediving Center will be our base and starting point during the Competition days. For anyone who wishes to stay directly at the event site with accommodation that offers everything a Freediver can think of, please get in touch with us or you can book directly by contacting them via their Facebook page

• Helm

The high quality equipment manufacturer founded by Austrian top Freediver Markus Helm. The Counterweight System used during the competition has been designed and built by Markus personally and provides a set up that is of high quality, simple and efficient.


• UK Germany

Since our first Freediving Competition in 2014 the German based brand is providing us with some of the best underwater camera housings for our bottom cameras which record every athletes turning point at depth.

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