Depth Challenge 2016

With 37 registered athletes the Depth Challenge 2016 became the biggest Depth Competition ever held in the Philippines. Valuable additions to our Set Up like Deep Safety on DPV (Scooter) and an improved Counterweight System made the event even safer.

Agata Bogusz from Poland took home gold for the women and would later become a valuable addition to the Freedive Panglao team in  teaching and most of all organizing the Asian Freediving Cup 2017.

Agata Bogusz
Agata Bogusz, winner of Freedive Panglao Depth Challenge 2016

Sendoh Wang once again on first place. The competition of 2016 was a great representation of the Asian Freediving Community with Divers from China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and many more countries… including Stephan Kirsten with new National Records for Namibia.

Sendoh Wang
Sendoh Wang, winner of Freedive Panglao Depth Challenge 2016

Results from Freedive Panglao Depth Challenge 2016


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