Asian Freediving Cup 2017

With growing popularity the annual competition received a makeover in 2017. As the largest annual Depth Competition, the “AFC – Asian Freediving Cup” serves to reflect the development of the sport in the Asian Region.

With over 40 athletes signed up, the organizers, safety divers, judges and helping hands were kept very busy over the 3-day event, but the smiles we got from athletes after successful dives, set National Records or at the sunset dinner at the closing party made all the effort worthwhile.

As usual, Sendoh Wang on first place for the men, for the ladies it was Alenka Artnik from Slovenia who was shining with flawless dives and the best overall results. In 2017 Alenka would go on to win a gold medal in AIDA World Championships, set CMAS World Records in Turkey, and become one of the very few Freedivers to pass the magic 100m depth mark.

Results Asian Freediving Cup 2017


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