Available spots and important messages

Below you can find some reminders, answers to frequently asked questions, and additions to the official competition information.

Available spots

There are a few spots available for both men and women.
Please get in touch with either Oliver, Yanzi or John if anyone is interested in joining on short notice.

Medical Forms

There will be a doctor that knows freediving present at the competition meeting 9th of June.

She can do medical check-ups and sign medical forms during the competition meeting. Fee: 1000p

AIDA National Memberships

Please make sure that everyone is active in an AIDA National according to your passport. Those that are from countries without a national organization can be member of any national. We recommend AIDA Philippines.

Bottom weight

The bottom weight will be almost 22 kg (48lbs).

Changes to how the start lists will be organized

– World Record announcements

If there are any announced word records attempts, they will dive first, in ascending order. We will do that to minimize the chances of bottom camera failure for these dives. Full footage is required by AIDA to ratify a world record.

Diving order for the last competition days

We might do another diving order than deep to shallow on the last competition days for both women and men. Most probably this will be to start with medium-to-deep amongst the divers that are still in contention for the overall championship ranking. The reason for this is to ensure excitement throughout the day.

Diving days

Women will dive first, starting on the 10th. Then we will alternate days and the men will end the event with dives on the 17th.

The full schedule will be as follows:

  • 9th: Competition meeting 3pm
  • 10th: Women
  • 11th: Men
  • 12th: Women
  • 13th: Men
  • 14th: Women
  • 15th: Men
  • 16th: Women
  • 17th: Men
  • 17th PM Closing party
  • 18th Backup (we hope not to use this day)

Sponsors of AIDA Asian Freediving cup 2023:

  • CETMA Composites
  • HIDIVE (China)
  • Huawei WATCH Ultimate

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