Competition information 2023

Welcome to Asia’s biggest Freediving Event, the 7th edition of the Asian Freediving Cup!

When and where will Asian Freediving Cup be organized? 

The Competition will take place from 10th to 18th of June 2023. All in all there will be eight competition days: Four for men, and four for women. We will also have one spare competition day, in case of unfortunate events such as bad weather.

Location will be Doljo Beach, our starting point will be at Freedive SuperHOME on Panglao Island’s north-west coast. The competition set up will be located  around 300m from shore with shuttle boats bringing athletes to and from the competition area in regular intervals.

Who can join Asian Freediving Cup?

Freedivers of all levels are welcome to compete. The only prerequisites are:

  • Minimum age is 18 years or 16 with parental consent.
  • You need to be in good health and present the AIDA Medical Statement for Competitions signed by a physician.
  • You need to be a member of an AIDA National that corresponds to your passport or national ID card.  If you don’t have an AIDA National, any national organization will do (such as AIDA Philippines).
  • You need to be registered as an Athlete on the AIDA website.
  • The maximum depth for the competition is 135 meters
  • Slots are limited to 20 athletes per nationality
  • We are accepting a total of 60 registrations (30 men, 30 women)

How can I join and how much is it?

The cost for the competition is 28,500 PHP (about 500 USD). This includes four official dives, the closing party including dinner, and souvenirs.

To sign up for the event you can register through the competition website from the 8th of December at 8pm Philippine time (GMT+8)

After completing the registration form online we will ask for the full payment to reserve your spot, latest until February 8th.

Cancellation policy

After registering online you will receive an invitation to pay the competition fee to reserve your slot. If we do not receive payment until February 8th your registration will expire and we give priority to the next athlete on the waiting list. If you have paid but you are not able to join, we will refund the full amount minus a 500PHP processing fee if the cancellation is done before April 8th.

After April 8th there will be no more refunds.

Waiting List

We have space for 60 competing athletes. However in the past years the competition was always fully booked within a very short time after the opening of registration.

Once the competition is full we will create a waiting list for any additional inquiries. Once registered athletes cancel or do not pay until the due date of February 8th we will give priority to the next diver on the waiting list.   

The Competition Meeting

There is an event meeting where all competing athletes must be present. It will take place on June 9th at 3pm at Freedive SuperHOME (subject to change). What you need to bring:

  • Passport or national ID card.
  • Lanyard including belt for CNF for checking by the judges.
  • AIDA Medical Statement which must be signed by a physician and says “fit for Freediving” and is not older than 1 year. If you have experienced blackout or barotrauma since you got the statement you will need a new one.
  • We will take a depth announcement for the first diving day.

After completing the registration of all athletes we will give a review of the competition rules and we will also publish the start list for day one. The meeting will finish at around 5pm with a group picture.

Competition format – three counting dives

There will be four competition days per athlete. Athletes are free to choose any discipline on each competition day.

The best results from three disciplines will be taken into account in the overall ranking: FIM, CNF and either of the CWT disciplines (CWT or CWTB). CWTB will be given a multiplier of 1.05 in the overall ranking.

Safety during Asian Freediving Cup

Like every year, safety is our main concern. We want to organize an event that is fun and relaxed but at the same time safe and professional. Here are some of our safety mechanisms:

  • Announcements are limited to not more than 5m than the athletes PB in the discipline within the last three months.
  • A group of highly experienced Safety Freedivers will provide safety at the appropriate depth for every diver.
  • Deep Safety with a DPV (scooter) will meet every diver at depth.
  • Every dive will be monitored from the surface by our depth sonar.
  • Our highly effective counterweight system gives us the possibility to retrieve divers within a very short time.
  • Experienced competition medics will be on standby for every diver
  • Blackout and squeeze policies from AIDA rules will be strictly followed!

In the unlikely event of any diver needing additional care in a hospital we have multiple cars on standby that can reach the nearest clinic within 15 min.

The medical team and organizers have the right to refuse the start of any athlete if diving would pose an obvious risk to the diver’s health or safety.

Water conditions in Panglao

May and June are usually the best months for Freediving in the Philippines. Very little to no wind will make for nice surface conditions. The water temperature will be 29~30 degrees on the surface. This temperature stays constant until a depth of around 50m. Below that the temperature usually drops by not more than one degree. Below 100m the temperature is usually not less than 26 degrees. The expected visibility is around 25- 30m. Dives will be scheduled during times with least current to the best of our ability. 

We would like to inform athletes that we are using our specialized in-water counterweight system which is drifting freely. By doing this we can guarantee athletes comfortable diving without current.

Prizes and Sponsors

At this point of time we are still finalizing Sponsors and Support. However we can assure already that there will again be high quality prizes waiting for the top performances. We will introduce all sponsors as soon as possible, but we can already now announce that there will be carbon fins from CETMA Composites, wetsuits from BESTDIVE and cash award from HiDive (China) in the prize pool.

Awards and surprises are waiting during our closing party!