Update regarding Asian Freediving cup 2020

As some of you might have heard Freedive Panglao is changing location in 2020.

While settling in the new center, our main priority will be to keep continue running daily operations. Quality courses and training sessions for all levels will always be our priority. However, organizing a depth competition requires complex logistics, so while we are still in the process of transition we have decided not to commit to hosting any major depth competitions.

This means that unfortunately there will be no Asian Freediving Cup in 2020, but we promise to come back even stronger for the competition season 2021.

We will run some smaller, more casual events in 2020, but we cannot guarantee for specific dates at the moment. We will keep you updated about any competitions that might happen!

New location for Freedive Panglao

In April 2020 we will open the doors of a newly built freediving school. We are looking
forward to welcome you where we started freediving here in Panglao almost eight years ago: close to the beautiful cliffs of Napaling.

We are proud to continue to serve you with our team of experienced Instructors, including four Instructor Trainers and six national record holders. All this in English, Tagalog, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, German, Norwegian and Ukrainian.

More information regarding the new center will come on our facebook page soon!

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