Official results from day 2 / Start list for day 3

No changes after protest, here are the official results: Start list for day 3 Another world record attempt from Alenka, and some exciting dives to see who wins Asian Freediving Cup! We want to keep the excitement a but longer than earlier years, so we did a couple of changes: The CNF divers will dive…

Staff during Asian Freediving Cup

We would like to introduce some of the staff behind Asian Freediving Cup 2019. Here we have a look at judges, safety divers, and the medical team.

Sponsors, awards and giveaways 2019

With every edition, the support for the Asian Freediving Cup is steadily growing and this year we can once again offer some high quality prizes for the best performances of the event.

Introduction of the AFC 2019 Set Up

For those who will join us for the first time, we would like share this small article to provide an overview of our competition set up. We will explain how it works and why it is a bit out of the ordinary. We are happy to say that out of the currently 80 registered athletes,…

All spots taken for AFC 2019

Registration for Asian Freediving Cup 2019 is now closed. The response was even more overwhelming than last year, and all the spots where taken within two minutes. Due to some server issues the registration opened a bit late, around 8:05pm. We received the first registration at 8:05:19 and before 8:07pm all spots where taken. Everyone…