All spots taken for AFC 2019

Registration for Asian Freediving Cup 2019 is now closed.

The response was even more overwhelming than last year, and all the spots where taken within two minutes. Due to some server issues the registration opened a bit late, around 8:05pm. We received the first registration at 8:05:19 and before 8:07pm all spots where taken.

Everyone that registered should have received an email by now, either with confirmation or with spot on the waiting list. We apologize that we can’t accommodate everyone!

Registered athletes Asian Freediving Cup 2019:

Athletes Country
20 China
13 South Korea
6 Hong Kong
5 Japan
4 Philippines
3 Malaysia
3 Taiwan
2 Australia
2 France
2 Italy
2 Singapore
1 Belgium
1 Germany
1 Indonesia
1 Ireland
1 Macau
1 New Zealand
1 Slovenia
1 South Africa
1 Syria
1 Thailand
1 UK

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